St Johns Liverpool celebrates its 55th birthday this year, sitting at the heart of the city for over half a century.

During this time we are proud to have helped several charities, making a difference to the local communities that we serve, charities such as Everton in the Community and the Merseyside branch of the Samaritans.

Working with our charity partners we have raised over £50,000 for various causes.

We want to continue to support local charities and are delighted to launch UK's first ever shopping centre lottery.

Playing Your Lottery with St Johns, Liverpool

By playing St Johns' Lottery, you can win up to £10,000 and help a host of local charities.

Where your stake goes

  • 50% of your stake goes directly to help local charities
  • 20% is payable in winners' prizes
  • 30% used in administration of the lottery

Compared with other lotteries

  • 25.5% Health Lottery goes to good causes
  • 28% National Lottery goes to good causes
  • 32% Postcode Lottery goes to good causes

The draw takes place on the last Friday of each month. As well as having the chance to win a jackpot of up to £10,000, there are also several other cash prizes to be won.

Results can be found on our website, but there is no need to claim as all prizes are paid out automatically.

The donations we receive through the lottery will make a real difference to the community of Merseyside. Each year we will decide which charities to help and ensure the money is spent in the region, so charities large and small can benefit from St Johns' Lottery.

By playing St Johns' Lottery, you can make a real difference in your community!

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